I am a conceptually representational painter and installation artist, working within a narrative that questions perceptions of art and the conditions of painting.
Through a systematic unpicking of the modern obsession with consumption and possession, and a formal reconsideration of material and meaning my work brings the audience into conversation with the subject of painting.
Combining found objects, manipulated semiotics and painterly language to create artworks that aim to question our perceptions of the things we are looking at and the ways we are looking at them.

Experimenting with the subject of painting through a reconstruction of its materials. Questioning the value of painting through a reconsideration of its peripheral objects. Exploring the materiality of painting to manipulate its qualities.
An examination of painting as physical, perceptual, and above all, human, activity.

My practice explores painting as both subject and object which has the potential to access a connection with painting that goes beyond its use as medium, commodity, and object.

Recent explorations are centered around materially metaphorical painting; works that are metaphors for painting and paintings in their own right. Approaching painting indirectly, through a new materialist ontology.

For me, the most important element is the challenge to look at things differently; to see the narrative and philosophy in the questioning of ‘Art’. After all: which is more real, the image or the way we frame it?

When not working at her studio in Bath, Ally can be found preparing for a PhD in a field in Somerset.

Website : allymcginn.com
Email : allymcginninfo@gmail.com Phone : 07527 962716
Instagram : @ally.mcginn


2017/18 - MA (Hons) Fine Art, Bath Spa School of Art and Design.

2014/2017 - BA (Hons) Fine Art, Bath Spa School of Art and Design.

Solo Exhibitions

2020 - The House That Painting Built, 44AD, Bath.

2019 - Paint(In)g, Roper Gallery, Bath.

Selected Group Exhibition

2020 - A-Z, 44AD, Bath

2020 - 2020, Centrespace, Bristol

2019 - If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail, Brighton

2019 - Town Hall Open, Trowbridge

2019 - AIROpen, AIRGallery, Altrincham 

2019 - Bath Open Art Prize, 44AD, Bath

2019 - Various Exhibitions, Fringe Arts Bath 

2019 - MA Show, Atkinson Gallery, Street

2019 - Blue Monday, 44AD, Bath

2018 - Line and Point, Centrespace, Bristol 

2018 - Summer Show, Atkinson Gallery, Street 

2018 - Various Exhibitions, Fringe Arts Bath 

2017 - Stock, The OXO Tower, London 

2017 - No Working Title, London

2017 - Unseen Tides, Bath

2016 - Sluice, Centrespace, Bristol

Awards and residencies

2019 - Bath Open Art Prize - 44AD prize winner.

2018/2019 - Bath Artists Studios graduate residency, Bath.

2018 - Walcot Chapel residency, Bath.
2016/17 - The Gainsborough Spa, commission winner.

2017 - Ede and Ravenscroft Award.
2016 – ‘Unseen Tides’ residency, Cornwall.
2016 - Porthleven Prize, Cornwall.

Professional Experience

2019 - Ongoing - Founder, organiser, and member, Incubation Chamber. Critical group based in Bath. 2017 - Logistics and organisation leader, Stock exhibition at the Bargehouse, London.
2017 – Founder, organiser, and collaborator, Wallspace Showcase - Showcase exhibition in Bath.

2016/17 – No Working Title, participant in a collaborative project with Bath Spa and Kingston University in partnership with Tate Modern.

2016 – Organiser and collaborator - Wall Space, Bath – pop-up shop and open studios, exploring the studio in the public realm.
2015 - No Working Title, participant in a collaborative project with Bath Spa and Kingston University in partnership with Tate Modern.