The Functional Object in Painting (2018) Mixed media installation
One object. Three objects. Thirteen objects. (2019) mixed media
People [Noun] (2019)
Imag(in)e (2019) Wood, canvas, paintbrush and staples
Paint(In)g I (2019) Painting with stretcher
Inter_Action (2020) Canvas with found objects
Comfort(er) (2020) Canvas with acrylic
Escape from the uncanny valley (2020) Acrylic on canvas and wood
I Object (2021) Acrylic and oil on canvas
Right (2019) Failed painting with stretcher
A Long Now and Ease [Installation view]
(Re)Birth (2021) Failed painting on wood
             . (2020) Canvas, pigment and found paper with shelf
(re)Verse (2019) Oil and acrylic on canvas with stretcher
(in)Complete (2019) Canvas and oil paint, with wall.
A Work In(g) Process (2018) Installation view